"At long last ... you have freed me. Now I can finally complete my lord's last request."
―Ghost of Rielus[src]

Rielus is an Imperial Blade who has been trapped as an undead creature imprisoned in the ruined fort of Sancre Tor. His skeleton holds the Amulet of the Ansei.


He along with Alain, Casnar and Valdemar will need to be released as part of the main quest.


Blood of the DivinesEdit

Martin tells the Hero that he has deciphered the next part of the Mysterium Xarxes. He claims that he needs the sacred blood of one of the Nine Divines, manifest in the ancient armor of Sancre Tor in order to fulfill his mission.


Blood of the DivinesEdit

"At long last ... you have freed me. Now I can finally complete my lord's last request."

Who are you? "I was Rielus, loyal Blade of Emperor Tiber Septim. I do not know how long I have been dead. It feels like an eternity."
What happened to you? "My three companions and I were sent here by the Emperor Tiber Septim to discover what evil had defiled the holy catacombs of Sancre Tor. We did not know that the Underking, who was Zurin Arctus, had arisen to take his first revenge upon his former lord. The Underking defeated and ensnared us in his evil enchantment, and bound us here to guard forever the defiled Shrine of Tiber Septim."
Is the Underking still here? "No. He departed long ago. But his evil will remains, preventing any from paying homage at the Shrine of Tiber Septim. Over the uncounted years of our slavery here, we have brooded over our defeat. I believe that we can undo the Underking's evil magic. I go now to complete my duty to my lord Tiber Septim. Free my brothers, and together we may be able to lift the Underking's curse. Farewell!"

(If approached again)
"Why do you disturb me? I must free the Shrine so that I can sleep. It has been long since I have slept."
(After the curse is lifted)
"We have fulfilled our last duty. We go now to Aetherius without shame. Farewell."



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