Not to be confused with Ash Ghoul or Ghoul Heart.
"These undead are the carrion eaters of dungeons, crypts, and other burial places. They feast on human corpses and other rotting flesh. Although they are not intelligent, they have a natural cunning that aids them in finding food. Because of their vile habits, ghouls have a chance of transmitting a disease to those they bite."
―Official Arena Player's Guide[UL 1]

Ghouls are creatures encountered in The Elder Scrolls: Arena.


Attributes[UL 2]
Strength 70
Intelligence 40
Willpower 60
Agility 80
Speed 50
Endurance 60
Personality 10
Luck 50

Ghouls as they appear on Official Arena Player's Guide.

Ghouls are olive colored undead creatures who roam dungeons and feed on dead corpses and other flesh, it is possible to identify close Ghouls by their distinctive moan.

These creatures are usually encountered in dungeons seeking aliment and they will attack intruders who enter their lairs. Ghouls use an edged weapon as offensive instrument and as a consequence of their habit of feeding on dead corpses, they are capable of transmitting diseases.


Ghouls are a creature of average power and should not be underestimated by low level opponents, their attacks have sufficient damage to kill an enemy with a few swings. However, as the Eternal Champion obtains more experience, Ghouls become a minor enemy. Ghouls are between spiders and Hell Hounds in terms of strength.

Ghouls are first encountered at Stonekeep during the quest "Fang Lair," where a group of them surrounds the parchment together with goblins and skeletons.



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