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"Darker than a Dunmer, with wings spread out to the width of three Imperial corpses laid end to end, this giant bat was coaxed from its slumber in the thick tree canopies above by the rising moons. Black flesh pulled tight over bat skull, a row of fanged teeth and a nose the shape of an oak leaf, ribs protruding through torso skin, and thick fur along the back ridge. A skeever-like tail, hooked toes, and claw hands with thumbs attached to roughly spread wings."
Grundvik Cold-Fist[src]

Giant Bats are crepuscular, chiropteran creatures that appear in The Elder Scrolls Online. They can be found in the Rivenspire region of High Rock, Auridon in the Summerset Isles, and the Grahtwood and Greenshade regions of Valenwood.

Some people, such as Ilyes, make a living selling Giant Bat and Wolf pelts.[1]


Drain BiteEdit

The giant bat will suck air in, and then blow it out as it screeches, dealing ranged damage, as well as preventing its enemy from moving.


The bat will charge forward, scrapping its foe with its claws.


Tears of the Two MoonsEdit

Giant bats will reside in the Great hall of the Temple of the Mourning Springs. In order for the Vestige to avoid the traps there, they must be killed to advance. respawn almost every two minutes, and give more experience than the




  • As of Update 4, Drain Bite can be blocked.[3]
  • As of Update 5, Scrape has been recast to be more intuitive.[4]
  • As of Update 6, Giant Bat's heavy attacks and other abilities have a different telegraph to make them more visible.[5]


  • In the Temple of the Mourning Springs, the bats will spawn nearly every two minutes, and grant more experience than the rest of the enemies there, making them an easy way to level up.



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