Gils Oril is a Dunmer Battlmage residing in the Daedric Shrine of Tusenend in the Molag Amur region. He has no unique dialogue and wears Steel Armor. As he and the other occupants of the shrine are Daedra worshippers, he will attack the Nerevarine on sight.

He is accompanied by three other worshippers in the Shrine: the Nords Barirrid and Val and the Orsimer Nargol gra-Uftharz, all of whom are Barbarians except for Oril himself, who is a Battlemage.


  • When asking members of the nearby Erabenimsun Camp for a "little secret," they may respond by saying that they send outlanders to Tusenend when they are "tired of listening to them," potentially to be killed by Oril and his companions.


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