"Much as I hate to admit it, Gin-Wulm knows more about smithing than I do. Says it's in his blood."

GinWulm quote

Gin-Wulm is an Argonian and also is the Master Armorer trainer. Training can be enabled by reading The Armorer's Challenge and answering his questions correctly. He can be found in the center of the Market District around 5 PM.


Armorer TrainingEdit

The Hero will be directed to Gin-Wulm for master training when they have a skill level higher than 70.


Imperial City "Varnado and Maro Rufus? They don't get along. I don't understand it. I just make the armor, and keep it in good shape."


  • If The Armorer's Challenge is read before getting the suggestion from Gin-Wulm, his question cannot be answered to receive training, and the book will have to be read again.


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