Giras Indaram is a Dunmer who resides at the Armigers Stronghold in Molag Mar, Morrowind. He is a Buoyant Armiger with the Tribunal Temple who owes a debt to a House Redoran armorer in a Ald'ruhn.


Giras' brothers do not hold him in a high regard. They describe him as stubborn and uncooperative, and suggest that drastic measures may be needed to get him to uphold his end of a bargain.


House RedoranEdit

The Nerevarine traveled to Armigers Stronghold following Tuveso Beleth's request that a debt for services rendered be reclaimed on behalf of himself, and House Redoran. When negotiations with Giras failed to achieve results, the Nerevarine challenged him to a duel. Giras ultimately admitted defeat and upheld his word to repay the debt.


Giras uses or carries the following:

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Giras uses the following:

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Armor Repair Debts

"Go ahead. I'm listening."

armor repair debts "Tuveso Beleth gave me damaged goods, that's why this armor needed so much repair. So I'm not paying any debts."
armor repair debts "I already told you why. I'm not paying this debt until I'm ready. And not one moment before."

After speaking with Tidros Indaram:

"I'm not paying those armor repair debts."

armor repair debts "Alright, if my brother says so, but I still won't pay the debt unless you can prove by combat that I owe it. I challenge you to a duel. Right here, right now."
I accept your challenge. "Alright. We fight till one of us says hold!"
Nevermind. "Then get your mom to pay the debt, coward."

After besting Giras:

"I... I concede. Take these 2000 drakes and give them to Tuveso Beloth."

If approached again:

"I conceded. I gave you the debt money. Take it and leave."

armor repair debts "I admit it, you beat me. I gave you the drakes. Just take them back to Tuveso Beleth."


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