"Given the history of this place, it's more than likely there's still some amount of power here."

Girduin Ghost

Girduin was a Bosmer sorcerer who was part of an expedition to Labyrinthian, and can be seen during the quest "The Staff of Magnus."


Girduin was one of the students who accompanied Atmah on her expedition to Labyrinthian.

He is the first to mention that since the place has a "history" of power, there's likely something of magical property to be found within. He also chides Atmah that she's "the Arch-Mage's favorite" student when she says that she wants to get in and out as quickly as possible.

Girduin is the first of the mages to die when the group was ambushed by a Skeletal Dragon and numerous Skeletons. In the next room, Elvali screams that they can't leave Girduin behind, while Hafnar Ice-Fist shouts, "We barely made it out alive, and you want to go back in?" and one of the mages states that there "Isn't enough of him left" to go back for, suggesting that he was mauled to death.


The Staff of MagnusEdit

Girduin's ghost is found in Labyrinthian during the quest, where one can hear him conversing with his fellow students.



Savos: "Come on, we're finally here! Let's not waste any more time!"
Takes-In-Light: "Are we truly sure this is a good idea?"
Atmah: "We'll be back at the College before anyone even knows we're gone."
Girduin: "You would care about that, since you're the Arch-Mage's favorite!"
Savos: "Don't forget, this whole idea was Atmah's to begin with."
Hafnar: "Let's just get inside, see what's in there."

Elvali: "I can't believe we're doing this."
Savos: "Can you imagine the looks on their faces when we come back?"
Hafnar: "You keep talking like you're sure we'll find something useful in here."
Girduin: "Given the history of this place, it's more than likely there's still some amount of power here."
Savos: "Enchanted weapons, tomes of ancient knowledge, Shalidor's secrets themselves -- who knows what we could find!"
Takes-In-Light: "And what if... What if there are things guarding this place?"
Atmah: "Against six College-trained mages? I think we'll be fine."

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