Not to be confused with Giron Sadri or Giron Manas.
"The undead fascinate me. Their energies are so potent."
―Giron Rii[src]

Giron Rii is a Dunmer member of the Ebonheart Pact and the brother of Furon Rii. He is part of the team of mages investigating the presence of Chimer spirits in the Starved Plain.

In the midst of the Pact's operation, Giron was lured away from the camp by agents of the Worm Cult. He was convinced with promise of great power to join their forces and thus became an enemy of the Pact.


Through the AftermathEdit


Wayward SonEdit



Through the Aftermath

After choosing to enslave the spirits of the dead:

"You understand the wisdom of my plan. Even the dead will serve the Pact!"

What do I need to do? "Control the Chimer commanders. Where they go, their men will follow. Cracks in the earth have uncovered ancient burial mounds. Search for the bones of the Chimer general and his captains. Then we can wrest control of these spirits."
Who are these officers you're talking about? "The dead have been ... whispering to me. Their leader is a powerful mer named Radrathren. He was accompanied by his most loyal soldiers, two women named Andrana and Rysari. Their skulls should be the perfect vessels for the ritual."
Once I have the skulls, then what? "furon and I will prepare for the ritual at the nearby Daedric ruin. It's the perfect space to complete our task. Look for us there once you have the bones. Then we'll set these dead men to their task."
I'll see you there.


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