Gjukar's Monument is a landmark found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is southeast of Rorikstead, near Broken Fang Cave. A low-leveled sword and shield lie at the base of the monument.

This monument was constructed to mark the site of a battle that took place in ancient times. Gjukar was the commander of a platoon that had set up camp nearby. He was killed here along with the rest of his men.


The Book of LoveEdit

During The Book of Love, Ruki, a ghost searching for her husband Fenrig, is found at this location. She is unaware that he was killed in battle.


  • A fossilized husk of a long-dead giant mudcrab is just southeast of this monument. This is presumably the body of the Guardian Mudcrab spirit in the quest "Kyne's Sacred Trials."
  • There is a corundum ore vein just a few feet north of the monument.
  • Due east are some ruins. Inside the ruins is a Shrine of Zenithar as well as the Speech Skill Book 2920, vol 05 - Second Seed. There is also a locked chest on the top of the ruins.
  • East from these ruins are two stone columns and a Shrine of Stendarr along with a strongbox and the Enchanting skill book Twin Secrets.
  • The name "Gjukar" is pronounced differently by the two characters who mention it during the quest "The Book of Love." Ruki pronounces it as GYU-kar, whereas Fenrig says JU-kar. Ruki's pronunciation is likely to be the more accurate one, even though Fenrig was supposed to have known better as Gjukar was his commander in life. This is because Ruki's version follows the lore Nordic (and real-world Germanic languages) convention of pronouncing "J" as "Y" in proper nouns.


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