"I'm Glanir, Senior Proctor. I tracked the Crimson Raiders here, to their hideout."

Glanir is a Bosmer soldier of the Dominion gathering information about the Crimson Raiders, a group of bandits found in the Crimson Cove.


Naval IntelligenceEdit


Naval Intelligence

"You, get down!"
"Stay down and keep quiet. You'll reveal my position."

Who are you? "Sorry. I'm Glanir, Senior Proctor. I tracked the Crimson Raiders here, to their hideout. They're bandits—just a domestic concern, but lately they've been hindering the Dominion war effort. They attacked a dozen ships this month."
And you're going to do something about it? "Indeed. I need their rutter. They're sneaking ships through our waters; with that rutter, we'll know their routes, and intercepting them will be a matter of procedure. There is, however, a small army of bandits in there. Feel like lending a hand?"
I'll help you find that rutter. "We'll do this together then, you fight them head-on, I strike from the shadows."

After stealing the rutter:

"Seems you know your way around a battlefield, friend. We could win the war tomorrow if we had a dozen the likes of you. Can I assume you took the rutter of their hands?"

I have the rutter right here. <Show the rutter> "Excellent. Looks like it's coded. Let's see .... Empyrean Light take them. These fiends aren't a random band of Colovian slavers. They're Imperial military. We got to do something about this."
What's our next move? "According to this, not only is an Imperial captain here, but so is an envoy from the Worm Cult! I can't let such essential targets just walk away. Whoever finds them first gets to take them out."
I'll find the Imperial captain and the Worm Cult.

After dealing with the Captain and Cultist:

"It's been years since I spilled blood in the field. Ah, the memories."

I've done all you've asked. '""Good work. With this I can convince my superiors of the Imperial threat. The Dominion needs more soldiers like you. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an ambush to plan."


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