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Glenpoint is a major city located on the mainland areas of the Iliac Bay and is the capital of the March of Glenpoint of the Iliac Bay. The regional deity is Zenithar. Glenpoint is known to be the regional driving point of the War of the Red Diamond.

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The city of Glenpoint is located in the northcentral area of the March of Glenpoint, which is a landlocked march surrounded by several important regions including the Kingdom of Daggerfall to the south and the Barony of the Ilessan Hills to the east. The city of Glenpoint is rather close to the Barony of Glenumbra Moors, the border is located northwest. A large mountain takes a large portion of the southeastern march, and it extends into the Ilessan Hills and Shalgora. After the Warp in the West in 3E 405, the March of Glenpoint was annexed into the Kingdom of Daggerfall, which extends into the Wrothgarian Mountains and the northern coast. Several battles were fought on the Glenpoint Foothills, which is located in the Glenpoint mountains near the Kingdom of Daggerfall. The local deity and temple are the Resolution of Z'en, which is found in other areas including the Fiefdom of Gavaudon, the Fiefdom of Totambu, and County Leyawiin. The local knightly order of Glenpoint is the Knights of the Owl. The regional vampire clan is the Vraseth Vampire Clan.

Traditions[edit | edit source]

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  • The Bretons of Glenpoint celebrate the New Life Festival on the 1st of Morning Star. It is a day of celebration where the drinks are free and people party in the streets all day. It truly is, a day of merriment.[1]
  • The Bretons of Glenpoint celebrate the South Wind's Prayer on the 15th of Morning Star. It is a day to pray to the Gods for a bountiful harvest, and it is for citizens who cannot afford to heal from the local temple to get healed from an ailment.[1]
  • The Bretons of Glenpoint celebrate Heart's Day on the 16th of Sun's Dawn. It is in honor of a legend passed down from generation to generation about a couple named Polydor and Eloisa. Every Inn in Tamriel become free for visitors arriving into town.[1]
  • The Bretons of Glenpoint celebrate the First Planting on the 7th of First Seed. It is the day that begins the harvest, where neighbors reconcile their difference, bad habits are dropped, and the clerics heal people for free.[1]
  • The Bretons of Glenpoint celebrate the Second Planting on the 7th of Second Seed. The holiday is ideally the same holiday as First Planting, to improve one’s soul, and to improve relationships with others.[1]
  • The Bretons of Glenpoint celebrate the Mid Year Celebration on the 16th of Mid Year. A day to distract everyone from the increased taxes. It is a day celebrating the halfway mark in the year, where many warriors feel blessed and venture to dungeons they normally cannot defeat.[1]
  • The Bretons of Glenpoint celebrate the Merchant's Festival on the 10th of Sun's Height. It is a day that benefits the consumer in the market. Traders and Gypsies drop the prices on their stock. The only place that does not celebrate it is the Mages Guild. This is the same day as the Summoning of Boethiah.[1]
  • The Bretons of Glenpoint celebrate Sun's Rest on the 20th of Sun's Height. It is a day when the workers of Tamriel take a day to relax, businesses across town are closed in observance of this day. Some people have to have to leave the province to actually buy something.[1]
  • The Bretons of Glenpoint celebrate Harvest's End on the 27th of Last Seed. It is the final day of the harvest, and it is where the people eat the crops they have grown since the First Planting. Travelers are given the option to join a farmer’s family for a feast.[1]
  • The Bretons of Glenpoint celebrate Tales and Tallows on the 3rd of Hearthfire. It is the day of superstition where the elderly do not speak for an entire day, in fear of evil spirits entering their body. The Mages of Tamriel favor this day since it is a day to study the oldest forms of magic.[1]
  • The Bretons of Glenpoint celebrate the Witches' Festival on the 13th of Frostfall. A day where the creepy ghouls and creatures of the night gather to terrorize the denizens of Tamriel. Many have not dared to wander the streets at night, in fear of being nabbed by a creature.[1]
  • The Bretons of Glenpoint celebrate the Warriors Festival on the 20th of Sun's Dusk. It is a day where many warriors gather to practice their fighting prowess. Travelers buy weapons in stores since their price's drop by half. Young children foolishly buy weapons, only to stab themselves by mistake.[1]
  • The Bretons of Glenpoint celebrate the North Wind's Prayer on the 15th of Evening Star. It serves as a thanksgiving to the Gods for the year's harvest. It is a day when the local temples heal and bless anyone for a lower price.[1]
  • The Bretons of Glenpoint celebrate the Old Life Festival on the 31st of Evening Star. It is a day of rest, where many leave the events of the passing year behind and to reflect their past. They rest for the New Life Festival.[1]
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  • The Bretons of High Rock villages celebrate Scour Day on the 2nd of Morning Star, serving as a second party after the New Life Festival, even though this day is when everyone cleans up after the initial celebration.
  • The Bretons of High Rock celebrate Flower Day on the 25th of First Seed, where the Children would pick new flowers from the spring while older Bretons would come out from home and dance the night away.
  • The Bretons of the Iliac Bay celebrate Fishing Day on the 30th of Second Seed. Bretons become so loud and rambunctious that it scares the fishes for weeks, which is odd since the Bretons are not usually so flamboyant.

History[edit | edit source]

First Era[edit | edit source]

With the sudden fall of the Direnni Hegemony, the Kingdoms of High Rock began to rise into prominence, and the Kingdom of Daggerfall was no exception. In 1E 609, the Daggerfall Army under the control of King Thagore, marched into the region of Glenpoint and garnered control over the southern reaches of High Rock. Daggerfall became the number one leading force in the military, economy, and politics of the southern Glenumbra regions. Daggerfall has since established this, even today. Daggerfall's grand military would eventually partake in the Siege of Orsinium and the Battle of Bangkorai Pass.[3]

Third Era[edit | edit source]

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In 3E 120, the Duchy of Glenpoint was under the control of Duke Mentin. Mentin was friends with Uriel III and Potema Septim, both of which ruled over the Kingdom of Solitude at this point. After the coronation of Kintyra Septim II, Potema started a war with the Empire known as the War of the Red Diamond, which occurred throughout Northern Tamriel, in the human provinces. Potema and Mentin hatched a plot to kill Kintyra II, by baiting her into Glenpoint with a plea for help. Kintyra II traveled across the Iliac Bay and was captured somewhere in the Barony of Dwynnen. She was held in a Castle somewhere in Glenpoint, where she was promptly executed. This injustice made the denizens of Glenpoint and the Glenumbra Moors very infuriated, leading to a manhunt for the person responsible and the location of the execution, destroying Red Diamond banners, leaving Broken Diamonds in the snow of Frostfall. Afterwards, the people of both nations mourned the death of Kintyra II by singing Sepharve in Old Bretic. This would become a tradition known as the Broken Diamonds.[2][4][5]

During the Imperial Simulacrum from 3E 389 to 3E 399, Emperor Uriel Septim VII was imprisoned along with Talin Warhaft in the Deadlands by Jagar Tharn. Tharn planned for months to capture the throne, and he was able to achieve so in the span of ten years. Tharn had a powerful weapon called the Staff of Chaos, and he split it into nine pieces and scattered them across Tamriel, the staff was the only thing keeping Uriel Septim and Warhaft in Oblivion. A warrior escaped his clutches and traveled all corners of Tamriel to retrieve the missing pieces. The hero was known as the Eternal Champion, and he assembled the staff and defeated Jagar Tharn at the Imperial Palace. The Eternal Champion had at one point visited the town of Glenpoint in their quest to recover the pieces.[6]

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During the War of Betony in 3E 403, the Kingdoms of Daggerfall and Sentinel fought each other for the possession of the Protectorate of Betony, located at the mouth of the Iliac Bay. The war took place mainly in the High Rock regions, and one such battle took place in Glenpoint. The Battle of the Bluffs was a victory for the Daggerfall Army, which was under the control of Lord Bridwell, who was an exceptional warrior and tactician that made Daggerfall successful in the conflict. The battle took place in an area between the Kingdom of Daggerfall and the March of Glenpoint, and it left the Sentinel Army damaged. Lord K'avar was horribly disfigured by the battle, due to a Dunmeri Nightblade. The war eventually reached the Fiefdom of Anticlere, where it had promptly ended.[UL 1]

During the Warp in the West in 3E 405, the March of Glenpoint was under the reign of an unknown Marquis, whose name was not recorded in the history books. Glenpoint existed among the twenty-three other nations of the Iliac Bay. Glenpoint, itself is in a mainland march that is next to the Kingdom of Daggerfall, one of the three great kingdoms of the Iliac Bay. Later in the same year, the Warp in the West resulted in the Kingdoms expanding their territories, absorbing the smaller nations. The March of Glenpoint was annexed into the Kingdom of Daggerfall along with other regions on the northern coast of the Iliac.[7][8]

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