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" Glenumbra, the westernmost region of High Rock, contains the city-states of Daggerfall and Camlorn, the great cemetary of Cath Bedraud, and the wild areas of Hag Fen, Glenumbra Moors, and the forests of Daenia."
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Glenumbra, also called Glenumbria, is the westernmost region of High Rock, home to the famed city of Daggerfall, Glenumbra's capital, which stands proud in this landscape of rugged woods and fetid swamps. From the center to the south of Glenumbra, one can find lush countryside and verdant forests, whilst disgusting, fetid marshes exist in the eastern regions north of Aldcroft.

Werewolves have been sighted more and more frequently in the woods, and are a large menace to the locals. Recently, Glenumbra has become more and more threatened with the growing lycanthrope threat caused by the Bloodthorn cultists under the necromancer Angof the Gravesinger, who occupies the Breton crypt of Cath Bedraud, and Faolchu, a werewolf resurrected by Angof from the time of Battle of Glenumbra Moors. It is rumored the cultists are plotting an attempt on King Casimir's life.




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These are all the quests belonging to the Daggerfall Covenant Main Story that take place or are received in Glenumbra.

Blood and the Crescent MoonEdit

You emerge from a house in the southern quarter of Daggerfall, slightly delirious after your escape from Coldharbour. A dog runs up to you and begs you to follow it. It leads you to a bloody, gutted corpse with a note beside it, revealing that this is one in a recent string of killings. Investigate the strange goings-on further.

Bloodthorn AssassinsEdit

You discover that the Bloodthorn Cult is behind the killings, but something even more sinister is planned - the cultists have plotted to kill King Casimir, which would shatter the entire Covenant. Hunt down any remaining hiding assassins and immediately warn the King of an imminent attack before it's too late.

The HarborageEdit

You warned King Casimir in time and you have earned praise throughout the city. The Prophet then appears and asks that you find him at the Harborage, a safe haven outside Daggerfall. Locate The Prophet so he may tell you of the events that have led up to the Planemeld, Molag Bal's dark plot to merge Nirn with Oblivion into a single, nightmarish hellscape.

Turning of the TreesEdit

The forest itself has turned against the village of Deleyn's Mill, a small logging village east of Daggerfall, and they are in danger. Help the Wyrd Sisters purge the corruption from the forest.

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