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The Barony of Glenumbra Moors is a coastal region in the province of High Rock. It is located in the Iliac Bay. It borders Northmoor to the north, Glenpoint to the east, and Tulune to the south. The regional capital is Glenumbra. The regional deity is Mara and the dominant vampire clan is Vraseth.

The region celebrates three local holidays. On the 8th of Sun's Dawn the people of Glenumbra Moors celebrate the Day of Release, remembering the battle between Aiden Direnni and the Alessian Army in the First Era. On 8th of Sun's Dusk the region celebrates the Moon Festival, celebrating Secunda. Another holiday, called Broken Diamonds, remembers the death of the empress Kintyra Septim II on the 23rd of Frost Fall.

After the Warp in the West, Glenumbra Moors became a part of the Kingdom of Daggerfall.



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