Not to be confused with Faded Wraith (Legends).
For other uses, see Gloom Wraith.

Gloom Wraith is a creature card in The Elder Scrolls: Legends.


Gloom Wraith can be obtained from card packs, and has a fair chance to be received due to its rare quality. It can also be Soul Summoned for 100 soul gems.


Both of Gloom Wraith's attack and defense values increase by 1 for every Icon legends endurance Endurance card you have in play. Therefore, it can be increased to a maximum of 10/10 attack and defense points when summoned, if you have the board filled with 7 other endurance cards.

It is suggested to combine it with other cheap Endurance cards to easily get the bonus. Cards like Hist Speaker and Tree Minder can also be put in play so that more endurance cards can be summoned before placing Gloom Wraith.


Gloom Wraith can become powerful if it reaches 6–10 attack power. It is suggested to use this when attacking the enemy directly, or attacking creatures with high defenses.

When attacking the opponent, try to use Gloom Wraith in such a way that runes are destroyed immediately. For example, if the enemy is at 24 health and Gloom Wraith is at only 3 attack points, use it first to bring the enemy down to 21 health, and use a more powerful card to destroy the rune. This is done so that if the enemy draws a Prophecy and destroys Gloom Wraith, its attacks have already been inflicted.


If Gloom Wraith reaches a high value, it will be a primary target by opponents. It can instantly be destroyed if an action like Piercing Javelin is inflicted on it. Placing Ward on the card can easily reduce the damage inflicted upon it, and is very good for countering Lethal attacks.

If one wants to use Gloom Wraith for defense rather than attacking, the card can also become a Guard if a card like Yew Shield or Barded Guar is used on it, forcing the enemy to attack it. This is very useful as it can instantly kill many cards if it reaches a high defense and attack value. It is suggested to silence powerful enemy cards so that Gloom Wraith can remain longer.



  • Throughout images, Gloom Wraith's glowing color scheme is different. In the E3 trailer, it was green; in the website promotional image, it was light blue; and in the game, it is orange.


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