Gloomreach is a cave and a Falmer lair located in the mountains of The Reach near the Karth River.


It is divided into two sections: Gloomreach Cavern and Gloomreach Hive. Gloomreach is unlike most other cave systems, as the explorer discovers shortly after entering. The cave is lit by an eerie greenish blue lighting and glowing blue tendrils protrude from the walls and reach down from the ceiling. The roof of the caverns are covered with a glowing bluish substance.

Gloomreach is home to a band of the sightless Falmer and their domesticated insectoid Chaurus. With Dawnguard installed, more enemies appear, including Chaurus Hunters and Falmer Warmongers.

Gloomreach Cavern

Gloomreach Cavern appears to be an abandoned Corundum mine, as evidenced by the mining equipment and the presence of a Smelter. There are Corundum Ore Veins which can be mined here as well. A pickaxe can be found nearby if one is needed. Withershins, a Restoration skill book, can be found on a barrel where the first Falmer is encountered.

Gloomreach Hive

Gloomreach Hive is reached after passing through the upper section. Following the tunnel leads to a larger cavern with a ramp leading down ending in a fresh water pool with a skeleton and some salmon. A chest containing leveled ingots is on the bottom of the pool. The hive has more Falmer and Chaurus, as well as a couple of chests.

Notable items



  • A battle between Imperial soldiers and Stormcloak rebels can occur near here.
  • Any recruited follower, (e.g., Kharjo) can be stuck at Gloomreach after clearing the whole area if the follower goes to the very bottom of the cave and ends up at a ledge in the main chamber that seems too high for them to drop to.  Running into them or using Unrelenting Force will get them to follow again.


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