"My executioner? You couldn't lift the axe, let alone deal with all the blood."
―Gloria Fausta[src]

Gloria Fausta is a Breton residing in Aldcroft, Glenumbra. She has been kidnapped along with the Duke and is when first met, in a cottage by the lighthouse. Unknown to most, Fausta is a descendant of the fanatic Faolchu,[1] an Alessian General and werewolf responsible for the Battle of Glenumbra Moors against the Direnni Elves of the region in the First Era.

She will make an appearance during the Camlorn questline, only if Lineage of Tooth and Claw is completed before The Fall of Faolchu and if she survives the player's choice.


A Duke in ExileEdit

Duke Sebastien of Camlorn has been kidnapped by Bloodthorn cultists. The Lion Guard has come to Aldcroft to take control of the investigation and they may have a location on the whereabouts of the Duke.

Wolves in the FoldEdit

Duke Sebastien thinks that werewolves may be trying to infiltrate and take over Aldcroft, just as they overthrew Camlorn.

Lineage of Tooth and ClawEdit

The Duke mentioned that Gloria has a plan to learn more about Faolchu and how to defeat him.


  • "So it was Angof. I thought I smelled the stench of true evil."




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