Glover Mallory's House is the home of Glover Mallory, located in the market square in Raven Rock

Once Glover's Bonemold Formula is returned to him, he gives the Dragonborn free access and a key, which opens his secret room.

Layout[edit | edit source]

The exterior consists mainly of Glover's forge, workbench, grindstone, and smelter. To the left, right next to the front door, the Shadowmark for "The Guild" can be seen scrawled in the stone.

The interior is similar to that of other non-Dunmer-styled buildings in Raven Rock. In the main room, there are a few Felsaad Tern Feathers as well as the clutter common to houses, including baskets, food, and books. On a shelf next to a cooking pot is an East Empire Company Strongbox.

Upstairs is a single bed, a chest, and a nightstand with the book The House of Troubles on it. In the basement, there are barrels, baskets, and an unpickable locked door. After acquiring the Improved Bonemold Formula for Glover, the key is given as a quest reward.

Glover's Secret Room[edit | edit source]

For retrieving the Bonemold Formula for Glover, he gives the Dragonborn the key for this previously inaccessible door. Inside there is an assortment of thieving tools, including the Blackguard's Armor set, a leveled weapon and shield on a weapon plaque, a Thief Cache, lockpicks, and some potions and poisons. Also, there are three bottles of Black-Briar Reserve, some sweetrolls, a few coin purses, and Glover's Letter, which sheds light on Glover's past, and can be given to Sapphire in Riften in exchange for an Exquisite Sapphire.

Notable items[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The basement in Glover's house has several sweetrolls among the other items. This may be a reference to an ongoing joke throughout the series about stealing sweet rolls.
  • The Thief Cache in the basement will be there, with contents, even if no other such caches have appeared in Skyrim.
  • The strongbox here will never reset its contents, so it's a good place to store your items here until you owned the Severin Manor.
  • Many items, including the Blackguard's Armor, respawn. The items on the weapon racks don't, however.
  • Due to the items respawning inside the secret room, it is possible to acquire more exquisite sapphires by collecting "Glover's Letter," and giving it to Sapphire.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

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  • When entering Glover's house, the walls may be missing as well as the stairs leading to the second floor. However, the second floor furniture may be floating overhead. If it is late at night, Glover will float up into bed. (The basement is not affected by this problem)
    • Solution: Exit and then re-enter Glover's house.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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