Gluineth is a Bosmer adventurer who has been captured by the Trolls found in the Troll's Toothpick.


Troll's DessertEdit

Help Gluineth get away from trolls.



"Z'en's price! I knew if I banged on this door long enough, someone would come. Look, I really need a helping hand here. Can you spring me out before the trolls come back?"

Did the trolls lock you in there? "No, it was the skeevers … of course it was the trolls! Me and a few others came down here looking for loot, but the trolls caught us. One by one they've eaten all my friends. They were saving me for dessert. Probably because I'm so sweet."
All your friends are dead? "Yes, curse it. Every last one of them. Their screams were horrid … I was grateful when they stopped. Look here, friend, since everyone else is dead, I got all the loot. If you'll unlock this door and help me back to the surface, I'll share."
All right. How do I unlock the door? "The lever's on the wall right over there. You're a real life-saver. Can't tell you how glad I am you happened along."
You don't seem too broken up about your friends. "What am I supposed to do, lie here sobbing until the trolls eat me too? Sure, they were good folk, but it's not like we grew up in Valenwood together. We shared a few heists, a few jugs of jagga … and now they're dead and I got to move on."

In the docks:

"I was wondering if you were going to make it, I hired one of these little boats to ferry me down the Bay. Whatever it takes to get as far away from that trolls' den as possible. It's expensive, but I have coin to spare now."

Where did you get the extra coin? "I sold some of the troll's loot, of course. I suppose you're here looking for your cut. You certainly deserve it. Best of luck to you, friend."


  • "Take me out of here! I taste horrible, I promise! Eat somebody else!"
  • "Ha! Sorry, trolls–no dessert today!" – When freed
  • "Thanks barrels! Meet me on the Evermore Docks and I'll have your reward!" – Near the exit
  • "Now where did that greedy little captain run off to? I'm ready to hit some waves." – After the quest


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