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Glyphs and Enchantment is a book in The Elder Scrolls Online.



By Sanessalmo of Glister Vale

Glyphs! Glyphs for enchanting! Everyone knows how to make them—you need three runestones, one each of Potency, Aspect, and Essence. Once, as an Experiment, I substituted kidney stones of Poetry, Aspic, and Ennui. It didn't work!

But that is a secret. Not to reveal my secrets! No, no. Do not even think about the secrets. Because if that happens … Experiments! Back to Experiments! I have made many different glyphs, oh, yes. Some of them are very good, like the glyphs for augmenting one's magicka (rings are pretty!) or for making weapons that do flame or frost damage. Some glyphs are not so good, like the "lard to bard" glyph that made all the shortening in the kitchen sing loud Nord drinking songs. (That's why I made all the pancakes.)

So, then: Experiments! When you try combining different runestones to see what kind of glyphs you can make, be sure to write down the results so you don't forget what you've learned. (Especially for the bad ones, because you don't want to do that again, and good apprentices are hard to come by.) For obvious reasons (obvious! obvious!), I like to tattoo my results onto the skins of living creatures. Daedra are a poor choice for this, because when they return to Oblivion they take your results with them. Mammals are also a problem because they're hairy, so you have to shave some fur before you can start the tattooing, and the brown bears didn't like that one bit, let me tell you. That's why reptiles are best.


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