Gnarls, also referred to as the "Walking Tree" are large tree-like creatures that use both magic and physical force in their attacks. They can be found wandering Dementia or Mania, however, most of their burrows can be found within Mania.[1]

Physical appearance[edit | edit source]

When threatened, Gnarls usually open combat with a Silence spell. They are able to resist fire, frost, or shock damage. If they are hit with a fire spell or weapon, they will grow in size and become much stronger, resisting that type of magic. This effect typically takes place for a short period of time. Even though Gnarls can be silenced, they will still throw their silence spells, making them resistant to silence. They drop Gnarl Bark and sometimes Amber. Their homes often have amber deposits and are defended by organic traps.

Elder gnarls are the strongest of their kind; they have a large amount of health and a long lasting-Silence spell. They are white in Mania and darker in color in Dementia. They somewhat resemble the Spriggan which inhabits Tamriel.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Variants[edit | edit source]

  • Gnarl Sapling
  • Germinial Gnarl
  • Gnarl
  • Gnarl Rootbender
  • Verdant Gnarl
  • Elder Gnarl
  • Gnarl Cultivator — worker drones, non-hostile
  • Mirili's Gnarl

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Gnarls are said to change their magical resistance to the spell type they were hit with last. For example, if a Gnarl was hit with a flame arrow the Gnarl would change its resistance to fire.

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