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Gnisis is a mining town found in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


It is located in the West Gash region and is under Imperial control. There are many houses which architecture shows a Redoran influence. The inhabitants are mainly Dunmer and Orcs, and some Imperials. As a mining town, Gnisis and its residents are heavily dependent on the Gnisis Eggmine, which suffers from Blight.

There is a temple in the center of Gnisis, which notably contains the Ashmask of Vivec. Which is revered and visited by members and pilgrims of the Tribunal Temple.[1] Various traders and their stands surround the temple where the Nerevarine can buy and sell goods. A Silt Strider platform that offers transportation to Ald'ruhn, Khuul, and other towns stands on the edge of the village. Additionally, on the outskirts of Gnisis is Arvs-Drelen, a Telvanni necromancer's tower, home to Baladas Demnevanni, who the Nerevarine may be sent to see on various missions.

Gnisis is also the site of Fort Darius, apparently named after its commander. Darius is the only garrison commander who will allow the Nerevarine to join the Imperial Legion, providing suitable Imperial equipment and armor that must be worn from then on when dealing with any Legion personnel anywhere in Vvardenfell. Darius provides missions ranging from rescuing kidnapped hostages to strong-arming the locals into obedience.


This town is destroyed during the Fourth Era, during the eruption of Red Mountain.[2] The only survivor of this is Neria Relethyl.[2]


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