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Goats are docile animals that can be found in village farms or roaming the wilds of Skyrim, especially in mountainous regions.

Attacking goats found on farms can incur a low bounty, as they are the property of the farm owners. The bounty is the same as killing a dog or a chicken, namely, 5 Gold for every one killed.


They deal very minimal damage and only will attack when enthralled by a spriggan or when the Illusion spells Fury, Frenzy or Mayhem are cast on them. They will very rarely attack a dragon while it is on the ground.




  • During the quest "A Night to Remember," Ennis accuses the Dragonborn of having stolen his special goat, Gleda.
  • Goats sometimes lead the way up mountain paths, such as the Seven Thousand Steps on the path to the Throat of the World. This can be helpful in rooting out hostile wildlife, such as wolves and trolls, as they will attack the goat when it passes by them.
  • Goats may very rarely carry a precious gem.
  • Gleda is one of two named goats, the other being Lucky.
  • The horns that can be looted from the goats with Hearthfire expansion appear very differently from the ones on the goats' heads.
  • Goats may be chased into water, where instead of swimming, it will walk on the bottom of the body of water.
  • Tamed goats wear collars with a bell, while wild goats do not. The only other animal that has a similar situation is the mammoth.


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  •  360   A goat may turn hostile without being attacked or enthralled by a spriggan. It will not attack and will flee if approached too closely. This will prevent fast travel. If the area is left or the Dragonborn becomes hidden, the goat will cease being hostile. Returning to the goat will not make it turn hostile again.
  • Sometimes goats will climb up vertical slopes and not fall down.