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"Miserable, horrid creatures. They're vile and viscious. They vary in size from smaller than a Bosmer to larger than a Nord. Some are mindless animals; others have learned the ways of magic. You'll often see them with trained Durzogs, another filthy creature."
Fedris Hler[src]

The Goblins of Mournhold are fragile-looking monsters commonly compared to Mer.

Combat style[edit | edit source]

The combat style of goblins can be noted in very different forms. The Goblin Officers, Goblin Bruisers and Goblin Handlers don a unique claw-type weapon and swing and scratch it towards their enemy, but it is non-lootable. Their lower-ranked brethren yield goblin swords, goblin shields, and carry a few potions, typically healing themselves during battle. Goblin Warchiefs Durgoc and Kurog are very similar, regarding weaponry, to the Goblin Officers, Goblin Bruisers and Goblin Handlers. Except the weapon has a darker bronze coloring to it, and it is the most powerful form of weaponry used by the goblin creatures.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Goblins and Goblin Footsoldiers use goblin shields that can be looted, as well as a sword. The form of clothing that these creatures wear varies from rank to rank. Goblin Officers, Goblin Bruisers and Goblin Handlers wear metal shoulder-guards on their left shoulder, as well as a human skull on the right. Common goblins seem to be wearing a form of ragged fabric clothing.

The highest ranked Goblins, the Goblin Warchiefs, wear unique masks accompanied by largely-scaled shoulder guard plating.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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