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"Miserable, horrid creatures. They're vile and viscious. They vary in size from smaller than a Bosmer to larger than a Nord. Some are mindless animals; others have learned the ways of magic. You'll often see them with trained Durzogs, another filthy creature."
Fedris Hler[src]

The Goblins of Mournhold are fragile-looking monsters commonly compared to Mer.

Combat styleEdit

The combat style of goblins can be noted in very different forms. The Goblin Officers, Goblin Bruisers and Goblin Handlers don a unique claw-type weapon and swing and scratch it towards their enemy, but it is non-lootable. Their lower-ranked brethren yield Goblin Swords, Goblin Shields, and carry a few potions, typically healing themselves during battle. Goblin Warchiefs Durgoc and Kurog are very similar, regarding weaponry, to the Goblin Officers, Goblin Bruisers and Goblin Handlers. Except the weapon has a darker bronze coloring to it, and it is the most powerful form of weaponry used by the goblin creatures.


Goblins and Goblin Footsoldiers use goblin shields that can be looted, as well as a sword. The form of clothing that these creatures wear varies from rank to rank. Goblin Officers, Goblin Bruisers and Goblin Handlers wear metal shoulder-guards on their left shoulder, as well as a human skull on the right. Common goblins seem to be wearing a form of ragged fabric clothing.

The highest ranked Goblins, the Goblin Warchiefs, wear unique masks accompanied by largely-scaled shoulder guard plating.


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