"A Daedric zealot, I'm afraid. Every fifth word is 'Malacath,' and that's in his diplomatic entreaties. I hear he's far more tedious in person... a lot of spittle."
Lord Trystan on King Golkarr[src]

King Golkarr gro-Igrun,[1] colloquially known as the "Orc of Wiles,"[2] was the ruler of the First Orsinium during the mid-to-late 10th century of the First Era after he succeeded Torug gro-Igron.[3] His reign ended in 1E 980, when he was slain at the hands of his enemies, marking the end of the 30-year Siege of Orsinium.[2] He was often described as being a zealot over the Daedric Prince Malacath.[4]


Golkarr belonged to Clan Igrun, and was crowned the King of Orsinium after Torug gro-Igron's reign ended. Golkarr publicly praised the raids that occurred along the Bjoulsae River, committed by Clan Bagrakh.[1][4] It is said the raids where done in the name of Clan Igrun,[1] and some sources claim he made demands from the Bretons living there.[2] In 1E 948, King Joile of Daggerfall sent a letter to Gaiden Shinji regarding the effects of the raids on Wayrest.[5]

Siege of OrsiniumEdit

"The Orc king forced King Jolie's hand. By publicly praising the Orc raiders who struck across the Bjoulsae River, King Golkarr doomed his city into the mountain."
―Lord Trystan[src]

The Siege of Orsinium began in 1E 950, with the armies of Daggerfall and Sentinel, as well as the Order of Diagna and Knights of the Dragon, allied against Orsinium.[6] Golkarr was allied with the Orcish clans of Igrun, Bagrakh, Morkul, Tumnosh, Shatul, Fharun, and later the Savage Sons, who defended Orsinium.[1][4]

The Siege lasted for thirty years, with the three gates designed by Torug to defend the city[3] proving to be very effective, as it took Orsinium's enemies 10 years to break each one. Golkarr resided in High Scarp Keep, the castle of Orsinium.[2] The shaman Zbulgat the Wild-Walker gifted Golkarr the artifact known as the Horn of Beasts, instructing him to never use it more than once per cycle of the moons. Golkarr used the horn to summon hundreds of wild creatures to defend the city, which had a significant impact during the early years of the siege. The horn later cracked when he used thrice during a single moon cycle, rendering it unusable.[7]


When the opposing armies finally broke through the last gate in 1E 980, Golkarr prayed to Mauloch for strength in Grudgement Hall, shortly before being killed.[2] It is claimed that King Joile and Gaiden Shinji slew him, however, both Shinji and Joile died before or during 1E 973.[4][8]



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