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"The treacherous cliff coastline sounds like the region around Necrom, and the island of Gorne may be where the nest of the "bat lizard" is. No creatures like that exist in eastern Morrowind to my knowledge at the present day."
Florin Jaliil[src]

Gorne is an island located off the eastern coast of Morrowind, near the city of Necrom. Gorne is a natural paradise with lush flora and an abundant harvest that House Indoril has utilized for centuries.



Gorne is located on the eastern coast of Morrowind, in the Indoril District of Morrowind and near the city of Necrom, which is south of the island. The island itself is unique when compared to the rest of Eastern Morrowind. There is a unique race of animals referred to as "bat lizards," which may be a distant cousin to the Cliff Racer or the Cliff Strider. The flora of Gorne resembles the foliage in places such as Stonefalls and Bal Foyen, the flora came in shades of blue, purple, pink, and ash green. The only known settlement in the island is the township of Gorne. Several other creatures including Nymphs and the Gorne Striped Wolf are known to live in the region. The Striped Wolf was once the greatest predators on the island until they were suppressed in an event referred to as the Troubled House Hunt.[1][2][3]


Merethic Era[]

The Island of Gorne was discovered by Topal the Pilot, an Aldmeri explorer who traveled all along the Tamrielian coast and charted the continent in his journey. Gorne was one of the many landmarks discovered by Topal when he traveled all over Morrowind, having found the Modern-Day Fiefdom of Anticlere in the Iliac Bay and the Niben River in the Nibenay region of Cyrodiil. Gorne would eventually be populated by the Chimer followers of Velothi and become the territory of the Great House Indoril, operating out of the city of Mournhold.[2][4]