Gortwog gro-Nagorm was an Orc of the Wrothgarian Mountains, who was involved in both the Warp in the West and the formation of Orsinium.

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Third Era[edit | edit source]

In 3E 399, Gortwog made a claim to the land of Orsinium, having equal claim to the land as his opponent, the Breton Lord Bowyn. The two were stuck in a deadlock, and as such, by Imperial custom, it was decided that a duel had to be held. Gortwog was granted the right to decide the arms and armor, whereas Lord Bowyn had the right to choose the location. While both also had the right to choose a Champion to fight in their stead, both chose to fight themselves. Despite some training in the armor, Lord Bowyn stood no chance against Gortwog, and was beaten in combat, providing Gortwog with the legal rights to the land.[1]

War of Betony[edit | edit source]

While the Orsimer were originally not involved in the War of Betony in 3E 402, they were involved in clashes with Wayrest over access to the Bjoulsae River.[2]

Later on during the War of Betony, the Orcs of King Gortwog were said to have been sent out to block a group of Wayrest Scouts from reaching the encamptment of King Lysandus of Daggerfall. While most of the scouts were blocked by the Orcs, some made it through,[3] and are implied to have murdered the King in his tent.[4] Specifically Lord Woodborne was stated to have murdered King Lysandus.[5][6] Likewise, Gortwog's forces were slain by the Wayrest assassins.[7][8] Other reports attribute the Orsimer for the death of Lysandus, however.[2]

The Emperor also sent out a letter to Queen Mynisera of Daggerfall during the conflict, but due to the passing of King Lysandus during the war, the letter was delivered to Aubk'i instead.[9] The letter detailed the fact that Lord Woodborne had gained possession of the Totem of Tiber Septim,[10] which would later find its way to the treasury of Castle Daggerfall.[11]

The Warp in the West[edit | edit source]

The Thieves Guild later stole the Emepror's letter, and fenced it to King Gortwog.[12] When Mynisera discovered this, she desired the letter from Gortwog, and as such, offered to put in a good word with the Empire should Gortwog help her get the letter.[13] Gortwog, however, no longer cared for the letter, and allowed the Agent to retrieve it from Orsinium if he could do so without finding death.[14]

Gortwog would later contact the Agent once more, upon learning of his possession of the Totem of Tiber Septim. In a letter addressed to the Agent, Gortwog detailed how his people were treated like barbarians and slaughtered on sight, to which the Orcs only respond in kind. Gortwog explained how he desired to raise the status of the Orsimer to that of the other races of Tamriel, providing them with a homeland, and that to do so he needed the Totem.[15] When Gortwog was provided the Totem, he was grateful as it provided his people with a chance at freedom. Gortwog also promised a far greater reward to the Agent should they find and bring the Mantella to him.[16]

When the Numidium was activated, in 3E 417 the Kingdoms of Daggerfall, Wayrest and Orsinium had been involved in a three-way clash, causing a great fire to occur in the forests of Daenia and the Illessan Hills, which would spread north into Ykalon and Phygias. Orsinium's forces were likewise actively engaging the forces of Wayrest in the territory of what had once been Gauvadon. By the end of the conflict, 20 years after the Warp in the West had occurred, Gortwog had managed to claim much of the Wrothgarian Mountains, while also claiming the coast of the Bjoulsae River. With Orsinium's solidified power, Gortwog requested the Elder Council recognize Orsinium as an Imperial province seperate from High Rock. While the Elder Council did treat Gortwog as a sovereign king, and collected taxes directly from Orsinium directly, formally the land was still considered a county of High Rock, despite spanning both High Rock and Hammerfell.[17][18]

The Kingdom of Wayrest, after the conflict, created an alliance between itself and Orsinium after the miracle of peace, under the rule of Queen Elysana.[19] Gortwog also sent out adventurers into the other provinces to seek riches and treasures to have Orsinium gain the respect of all of Tamriel.[20] Many Orcs also signed on with the Imperial Legion, earning themselves Imperial citizenship.[21]

Following Orsinium's official formation, Necromancers had a keen eye on the corpses of Orcs, due to the durability of their skin and the strength in their bones. King Gortwog, despite offerings of defense against hostiles, was unwilling to answer requests to use said corpses in necromancy.[22]

Fourth Era[edit | edit source]

During the Fourth Era, Orsinium was sacked once again, with the survivors being largely brought to Skyrim by the aid of the Seventh and Fifteenth Legion.[23] Orsinium was later rebuilt in the mountains between Hammerfell and Skyrim.[24] It is unknown if Gortwog survived the sack of Orsinium.

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