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"You are not Orcish. How could you possibly understand what it is like? My people are treated like barbarians. Slaughtered upon sight. Is it so unusual that we respond in kind? Violence begets violence."
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King Gortwog gro-Nagorm is the king of the Third Orsinium, and the leader of the Orsimer people during the late Third Era. Since his ascension to the throne, he has worked hard to make his people be accepted as citizens of the Empire. He is also strongly against Necromancy.[1]

Biography[edit | edit source]

In 3E 399, he managed to win the Orsinium Area after a duel with Lord Bowyn, with the help of an Orc named Tunner.[2] After he gained the area,[3] slowly but surely he learned how to play the game of politics cleverly. He managed to retrieve a copy of the Real Barenziah, a book that was critical of the royal family of Daggerfall and the Septim bloodline.

During the War for Betony, through his spies, he found out that Wayrest was sending assassins to assassinate King Lysandus of Daggerfall. He thought that by preventing this he could gain the friendship of the most powerful kingdom in the Iliac Bay region and also the Direnni Clan on the Isle of Balfiera. Unfortunately, his warriors could not stop the assassins and King Lysandus was slain.

He also gained the letter that Uriel Septim VII sent to the Queen of Daggerfall. The letter was critical, as it stated the resurfacing of the Numidium, a Dwemer construct. The letter was finally retrieved from Gortwog by an agent of Uriel Septim VII in the depths of the dungeon of Orsinium, but the contents of the letter had already been spreading among the rulers of the Iliac Bay region and the underground factions as well. It was obvious that Gortwog had traded this information.[4]

Numidium[edit | edit source]

Gortwog is one of the wielders of the Dwemer weapon Numidium. He is one of the seven retrievers of the Totem of Tiber Septim, a tool for controlling the Dwemer construct. Originally there was only one Totem, but a strange time-warping effect known as the Warp in the West made all seven parties of the Iliac Bay receive the Totem.

Through the use of the Totem, Gortwog eventually got the Empire to accept the Orcs as equally as other races. Because of Gortwog, Orcs now enjoy all the privileges of normal Imperial citizens, and some have been accepted as guards in the City Watches and soldiers in the Imperial Legion.[5]

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Orcish Emancipation[edit | edit source]

Gortwog sieges the Emperor's letter, which was meant for Queen Mynisera. Hence, the Agent is sent to retrieve the letter from Gortwog.

The Mantella Revealed[edit | edit source]

If the Hero has enough reputation with Gortwog, they will receive an anonymous letter from him, which provides information on the Numidium, the Totem of Tiber Septim, and the Mantellan Crux.

Barenziah's Book[edit | edit source]

Gortwog will ask the Agent to bring the lost chapter of Barenziah's book to him, instead of taking it back to Barenziah. He will direct the player to Scourg Barrow, where the lost chapter has been rumored to be in.

Dust of Restful Death[edit | edit source]

Medora Direnni will ask the Hero to convince Gortwog, to help locate the Dust of Restful Death, so that King Lysandus' spirit can be put to rest.

Lysandus' Revenge[edit | edit source]

Gortwog can be given Lord Woodborne's Private Journal VII. Doing so, however, does not result in quest completion and grants no reward.

Totem, Totem, Who Gets the Totem?[edit | edit source]

Gortwog is one of the potential buyers of the Totem of Tiber Septim. However, he rewards the Agent with nothing, if it is delivered to him.

Journey to Aetherius[edit | edit source]

If the Totem of Tiber Septim was given to Gortwog, he uses the Numidium to destroy the kingdoms of Daggerfall, Wayrest, and Sentinel, and forms a new Orcish Empire in High Rock.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Orcish Emancipation

"So, Mynisera seeks to sweet talk me. Bah! Her letter is of no value to me anymore. She may have it. However, my people may not be so lenient toward a Breton (Player race) wandering the halls of Orsinium. If you can survive my realm and find the letter, you may take it back to her. I will also consider you to be a worthy Breton (Player race)."

Dust of Restful Death

"So Medora wants the Dust of Restful Death. Only because I respect the memory of King Lysandus will I do this. The Dust can be found in Greensly Hall (Dungeon) on her own island. Tell Medora that the price is her support of my claim to the heart. She'll know what it means."

Barenziah's Book

"Hello, Agent (Player name). It would seem that we have a mutual antagonist in the King of Worms. I am Gortwog, King of the Orcs and Lord of Orsinium. I am willing to give you a Sapphire (Piece of jewelry) if you would retrieve the chapter of Barenziah's book from Scourg Barrow in the Dragontail Mountains, where the King and his Necromancers have taken it. Agreed?"

Yes "Very good. Off with you then."
No "What a shame. Ah well, we'll hire some other mercenary then."

Upon returning with the book:

"Very well done, Agent (Player name). Here is your Sapphire (Piece of jewelry). Nevermind what I will do with this chapter. However, I would steer clear of Queen Barenziah for a while if I were you."

Lysandus' Revenge

"This information is quite valuable Agent (Player name). Let me gift you with 571 (Random amount) gold for giving it to me. This will be quite handy in the coming conflict."

Totem, Totem, Who Gets the Totem?

"A nation of Orcs is within my grasp. You have given my people a chance at freedom, Agent ({{{2}}}). Should you ever recover the Mantella itself, I shall reward you thrice over for it."

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