King Gothryd was the King of Daggerfall. His father, Lysandus of Daggerfall, was killed at the end of the War for Betony. His wife is Aubk'i, former princess of Sentinel. His mother is Mynisera and his grandmother is Nulfaga.


During the War for Betony, right after the death of Lysandus, he took over command of the Daggerfall army. He managed to slay the King of Sentinel, Camaron of Sentinel, forcing the army of Sentinel to retreat and subsequently surrender. After some negotiation, he asked for the hand of Aubk'i in marriage, obviously a hostage of war.

King Gothryd is one of the wielders of the Numidium. He was one of the seven retrievers of the Totem of Tiber Septim, a tool for controlling the Dwemeri construct. Originally there was only one Totem, but a strange time warping effect known as the Warp in the West made all seven parties in the Iliac Bay region receive the Totem.



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