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Governor's Hall is a lavish residence belonging to Odral Helvi, reeve of Caldera. Located atop a hill north of the town center, its design is typical western Imperial and resembles a small fort, complete with five towers. It serves as a gathering place for local members of House Hlaalu, and is home to a number of service providers.


Through an archway at the top of the exterior stairs there are three doors leading inside. A desk greets visitors who enter through the main door, with Cunius Pelelius, a charter-holder and overseer of the Caldera Mine standing nearby. To the right of the entry is a shelving unit containing decorative silverware and three small chests on the bottom shelf. The unlocked chest to the left contains a variety of alchemy ingredients. The remaining two are both locked (level 35) and contain fifty gold each. Assassin Foves Arenim and nightblade Llaros Uvayn wander the ground floor, offering their services to anyone in need.

The two spiral staircases nearest the entrance on the east and west sides of the building lead to a second-floor hallway connecting two towers. Olumba gro-Boglar wanders the hall, otherwise there is nothing of interest here. The staircases continue up to the tower summits, but are void of people, items, and doors.

The two spiral staircases furthest from the entrance lead to a private area of the second floor, consisting of two rooms that serve as Odral Helvi's living quarters. Odral is found in the eastern room, a long and narrow space with a bed, table, and an unlocked closet containing expensive clothing. Other than the man himself, there is little of interest here.

TES3 Morrowind - Caldera - Governor's Hall interior

Odral Helvi in his quarters

The western room contains another bed, Odral's closet and his chest. The closet is locked (lvl 65) and contains an Amulet of Mighty Blows along with common clothing. On top of the closet is a small chest that may be difficult to see without jumping. It contains a random quantity of gold (maximum fifty), and is locked (lvl 35) and trapped with Hand of Sleep. Next to the closet is Odral's chest. It is locked (lvl 40) and trapped with Misfortunate Touch, but can also be opened with Odral's key. It contains a unique set of the Brief History of the Empire books, family heirlooms bound in gold. A ledger revealing details of underhanded activities at the mines is also found within.

Unlike the other towers, the central staircase is not connected to the building's second floor. At the summit there are a number of barrels, baskets, and crates containing a variety of items, including a couple of leveled weapons and several pieces of steel armor.


Books for ValaEdit

Gentleman Jim Stacey of the Thieves Guild requests that the Nerevarine relieve Odral Helvi of his prized unique editions of A Brief History of the Empire. He states, "it is not just the charity that is important, but stealing from the unjust." The books are to be donated in the name of Bal Molagmer to a school operated by Vala Catraso.

Donation from Cunius PeleliusEdit

Iulus Truptor of the Imperial Cult is having trouble collecting a donation of five-hundred gold pledged to the Widows and Orphans Fund. Cunius refuses to fulfill his obligation, but can be blackmailed to do it with evidence of corruption found at Governor's Hall.

Erroneous DocumentsEdit

Odral Helvi would like the Nerevarine to travel to the Hlaalu Records building in Vivec City with a "corrected" land deed, and quietly swap it with the original.

Rent and TaxesEdit

Odral instructs Nerevarine to collect fifty drakes owed by two farmers in the Ascadian Isles region, or kill them if they refuse to pay. His true motives become clear upon return, collecting the gold results in a loss of disposition while slaying the farmers results in an increase.

Sealed OrdersEdit

Odral has some orders to be delivered to the Hlaalu Treasury in Vivec. His instructions specify that they are not to be read, and must be handed over to an assistant clerk rather than the head of the treasury.

Shipment of EbonyEdit

Odral instructs the Nerevarine to deliver five pieces of raw ebony to Drinar Varyon, a known smuggler. Odral says that, "he will deliver them to... friends of mine on the mainland."

Shut the Mines DownEdit

Garisa Llethri of House Redoran wants the Caldera mine shut down due to growing concerns over corruption. Although he prefers that the slaves be organized for a revolt, or simply freed, this can also be performed by slaughtering Odral Helvi at Governor's Hall, and Stlennius Vibato at the Mining Company Office.

The Caldera SpyEdit

Odral requests that the Nerevarine recover contracts stolen from the Caldera mine, and kill whoever is responsible for the theft. Once discovering the thief's identity, the Nerevarine can convince her to hand over the documents peacefully, or execute her.


The following people reside at Governor's Hall:

Name Race Faction Class Notes
Cunius Pelelius ImperialHouse HlaaluAgentMine executive, Skill trainer
Foves Arenim DunmerHouse HlaaluAssassinMerchant, Skill trainer
Llaros Uvayn DunmerHouse HlaaluNightbladeSpell merchant
Odral Helvi DunmerHouse HlaaluMonkGovernor, Proprietor, Skill trainer
Olumba gro-Boglar OrsimerHouse HlaaluMonkSkill trainer


Folves trades in thieves' tools and weapons. Llaros offers spells from the Alteration, Destruction, Illusion and Mysticism schools of magic. Four people offer skill training:

Trainer Skill Max. Skill Max. Skill Max.
Cunius Pelelius Light Armor56Sneak52Speechcraft62
Foves Arenim Light Armor52Marksman52Short Blade57
Odral Helvi Acrobatics59Hand-to-Hand59Sneak59
Olumba gro-Boglar Acrobatics47Hand-to-Hand47Sneak47


The following static items can be found in Governor's Hall:

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(In a crate atop the central tower)

Misc. Items:
(In a barrel atop the central tower)

(In Odral Helvi's chest)

(In a barrel atop the central tower)

(In closets)

Leveled or random items include: ingredients, weapons, and potions.


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