Not to be confused with Torradan ap Dugal.

Provincial Governor Fortunata ap Dugal, also known as the Pirate Queen and Captain ap Dugal, is the Imperial leader of a pirate crew known as the Red Sails and the current ruler of Anvil.

She is also the sister of Codus ap Dugal, the gamemaster of the Kvatch Arena, although the latter prefers to deny that fact in order to keep face and his clean reputation.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Signed in Blood[edit | edit source]

Fortunata is initially encountered at Jarol Estate, as her conversation with Carolus Aquilarios and Lord Quintus Jarol can be overheard:

Governor Fortunata ap Dugal: "Seriously, Quintus, I appreciate you providing a safe place for our meeting, but you couldn't have straightened up a bit before we got here?"
Lord Quintus Jarol: "My apologies, Governor Fortunata, but there's no safer place south of Varen's Wall than right here―vermin notwithstanding."
Count Carolus Aquilarios: "I don't know, Fortunata. This place seems to suit you."
Fortunata ap Dugal: "That's no way to speak to your betters, Count Carolus. Speaking of which, when are you going to finally turn Kvatch over to a proper ruler? Your people deserve so much greater than you."
Quintus Jarol: "My lord and lady, please! We have a more pressing concern and it affects us all!"
Fortunata ap Dugal: "Careful, Quintus. I won't be spoken to in such a manner. But you're right. The Dark Brotherhood grows stronger and threatens everything we've built here."
Quintus Jarol: "I forgot to mention. Primate Artorius sends his regrets, but Cathedral business forced him to remain in Kvatch. He indicates that he will support whatever we decide."
Fortunata ap Dugal: "I rule Anvil with an iron glove, but you let that glorified priest walk all over Kvatch, Count Carolus."
Carolus Aquilarios: "I govern while Artorius handles spiritual matters and the Cathedral's defenders, the Order of the Hour. I've allowed them to patrol Kvatch until the murderer is apprehended."
Quintus Jarol: "Haven't the last few murder victims been suspected members of the Dark Brotherhood? Perhaps if we do nothing, this murderer will solve our problem for us."
Carolus Aquilarios: "I refuse to allow a vigilante to freely stalk the streets of my city. That's why I allowed Artorius to expand the Order of the Hour's authority."
Fortunata ap Dugal: "If I didn't know any better, I'd think you and Artorius were building an army. Should I be worried, my dear Count?"
Quintus Jarol: "Count Carolus, can we at least get your assurance that the Order will return to the Cathedral once this threat is resolved?"
Carolus Aquilarios: "Primate Artorius gave me his word, and I give you mine."
Fortunata ap Dugal: "And why should I trust either of them, Quintus? What good is their word when I find the Order at Anvil's walls."
Carolus Aquilarios: "That won't happen, Fortunata. We're not as ambitious and ruthless as you."
Fortunata ap Dugal: "Despite his holy station, Artorius is a man. He has the same needs and desires as any other."

After nearing the meeting area of the leaders, Commander Pelletus will inform them that you have infiltrated the estate.

Commander Pelletus: "Lord Quintus! Intruders have penetrated the estate. We need to move the three of you immediately!"
Quintus Jarol: "Do not be alarmed, my friends. We've prepared for any contingency. Commander, secure the halls. Make sure no one follows us!"
Pelletus: "Of course, my lord. We'll find the intruders."

Fortunata will later escape out of the estate with Carolus.

A Special Request[edit | edit source]

Fortunata is later met at Anvil Castle, as she has contacted the Dark Brotherhood for a contract. She tasks you with assassinating Commander Marcus Scipio, and to inform Count Carolus of your accomplishment. In a twist of events, Carolus is unexpectedly performing the Black Sacrament. He mistakes you for the assassin sent to answer his deal, and tells you to assassinate Fortunata. Speaker Terenus enters the room, being the actual assassin who is answering to Carolus, and sends you to kill Fortunata while he negotiates with Carolus.

Back at Anvil Castle, fellow assassin Mirabelle Motierre is in character for her disguise as one of Fortunata's hand-maidens. She recommends poisoning Fortunata's favorite wine decanter, as the governor is known to make a toast for celebratory occasions. After going to Fortunata's suite, she says "How in Oblivion's bleakness did you get in here? No, don't tell me. I don't really want to know your trade secrets." Once you have told her of Scipio's death, she says "Fetch my wine, girl. You know the one. And bring something … less expensive for my friend here." She then goes to the balcony, where she requests to meet you. At the balcony, Mirabelle Motierre appears and has the follow exchange with Fortunata:

Governor Fortunata ap Dugal: "Ah, I miss sailing the open sea. Things were more clear out there. Kill or be killed. Take whatever you can carry. Fight to keep what's yours.
It's the same here, I suppose. We're just less honest about it."

Mirabelle Motierre: "Your wine, Governor."
Fortunata ap Dugal: "Mirabelle? What are you doing here?"
Mirabelle Motierre: "You know how clumsy Edwina can be, Governor. While she cleans up her mess, I brought your wine so you wouldn't be kept waiting."
Fortunata ap Dugal: "Initiative. I like that in a serving girl.
Very well, then. A toast! To taking what you can and fighting to keep what's yours.
The wine... what did you do?"

Mirabelle Motierre: "We'll drink to your memory, Governor. And to the glory of the Night Mother."
Fortunata ap Dugal: "Mirabelle? She's one of … you?"
Mirabelle Motierre: "Life is fleeting, Fortunata. An illusion. And in the end, everything belongs to Sithis. Tell him I said hello."
Fortunata ap Dugal: <Falls off the ledge to her death>
Mirabelle Motierre: "I'll see you back at the Sanctuary, darling. After I clean up any evidence of our involvement."

Once Fortunata falls off the cliff, her body will lay lifeless on the rocks surrounding the castle.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Show: A Special Request

"Well, you look interesting. I'm quite certain I don't remember seeing you around the castle before. Even so, I do hope there's a good reason for this interruption."

<Remain silent.> "Ah, of course. You're one of them. I wasn't sure you'd honor my request since I refused to perform that ghoulish ritual of yours. I suppose even the brotherhood can be bought―for the right amount of gold."
<Remain silent.> "You're just going to stand there, all dark and silent? Well, I wanted to convey my orders directly so there'd be no misunderstanding. The Order of the Hour has expanded its mandate beyond the Kvatch Cathedral. That's a threat I can't ignore."
You wanted to meet me? "I prefer to convey my orders directly, so that nothing gets lost in the translation. You know about the Order of the Hour? The religious warriors that protect the Kvatch Cathedral? They've expanded their mandate and now pose a threat I can't igone."
<Remain silent.> "That is so annoying. Anyway, I'm sure Count Carolus is behind this. He constantly undermines my authority, damn the man! I want you to kill Commander Marcus Scipio and show the Count that the Hour can't protect him from my wrath."
So who do you want me to kill? "I'm sure this is all Count Carolus' doing. He constantly defies me, damn the man! Doesn't he realize the Gold Coast is better off under my control? Anyway, kill Commander Marcus Scipio. That should show the Count that the Hour can't protect him."
<Remain silent.> "Perhaps you could blink once, just to let me know you understand. Oh, and one more thing. After you murder Scipio, go and tell the Count what you did. Scare the pants off him and drive home the point that the Order of the Hour can't help him."
Anything else? "Now that you mention it, there is one more thing. After you murder Scipio, go and tell the Count what you did. Scare the pants off him and drive home the point that the Order of the Hour can't stop the inevitable."
<Remain silent.> "I do like hearing myself talk, but this is ridiculous. Ah, well. The Hour holds Kvatch under lock and key. You'll need to find a way inside to get at Scipio. My Rat Master tells me the guard tower is the best route. The castellan has the key."
I'll kill the Commander and inform the Count when the deed is done. "The Hour has moved its most elite members into Castle Kvatch and locked the place down. You'll need to find a way inside to get at Scipio. My Rat Master tells me the guard tower might be the best route. The key can be found on the castellan."

After completing her contract:

"To what do I owe the pleasure of this unexpected visit? Can I assume that my little problem has been dealt with?"

Commander Scipio is dead and Count Carolus has been informed. "That's perfect. Splendid, even. I'm going to overlook the way you so rudely barged in here and offer you a drink. Join me on my balcony. I'm sure you'll appreciate the view."

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Edwina! Another stray animal has wandered into my court. Edwina! Where is that girl? Well, what do you want?" – When approached in the castle before the quest
  • "I suppose you were expecting my predecessor, hmm? Know that I, Fortunata ap Dugal, now rule Anvil and brooks no gainsay from the common rabble."
  • "The Gold Coast welcomes you, reluctantly. My buccaneers and I are the law here now, and you'll respect it or be thrown in a ditch."
  • "That's all, assassin. We've met, you've heard what I want to do, and I've paid my gold. The next time I see you, I expect to hear that Commander Scipio is dead. And that Count Carolus was frightened so badly that he soiled his pantaloons."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Fortunata is likely a reference to Torradan ap Dugal, and may be an ancestor of his. Both were pirates with the last name "ap Dugal" who resided on the Gold Coast.
  • Her name may be a reference to Edgar Allan Poe's, "The Cask of Amontillado," since in it, the narrator kills a character Fortunato due to his love for wine.
  • After falling to death, she can change her pose.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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Appearances[edit | edit source]

Ruler of Anvil
Bendu Olo 2E 5772E 582 Eventually Fasil Umbranox
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