"An outlander? I can never seem to get enough of your kind here. You're welcome in Vvardenfell, of course. Just obey the laws and refrain from causing trouble and you'll get along just fine."
―Governor Omellian[src]

Governor Omellian is a Dunmer residing in Seyda Neen on Vvardenfell. He is the governor of the town, found in the Census and Excise Office's Governor's Office. He is a member of House Hlaalu, and rules under its laws. He has been involved with slaver activity at Fort Firemoth, and has made a Morag Tong Writ of Execution on Captain Svadstar. After the quest "Breaking Through the Fog," Governor Omellian is placed under arrest of treachery and is replaced by the now-governor Deminah Salvi.


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