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The term grab is used for picking something up and moving it without putting it into your inventory.

The default activation key/button is:

  • The Z key on the PC ( In Skyrim this has changed to holding the E key )
  • Hold A on the Xbox 360 ( In Skyrim Hold A, even on PC with Xbox controller )
  • The L2 button on the PS3 ( In Skyrim, hold X )
  • The L2 (left trigger) button on Xbox One.

To use the grab utility, the player must point at the item to be moved, then press and hold down the "grab" button.

It should be noted that grabbing an item while the hand icon is red will usually be considered "theft," even though the player may not have added the item to their inventory. Merchants do not appreciate it when they attempt to move their items.

Grab works similarly to Telekinesis, allowing them to manipulate objects in the game world. However, unlike Telekinesis, they are unable to move things closer or farther away using attack or block; objects remain at a fixed distance. The distance between them and the object is set at the moment they "grab" the item; therefore, for more fine control, stand closer to the object before grabbing it. However, the distance can be changed by object collision (e.g. with the floor or a wall, or with a shelf or bookcase).

There are several uses to the grab function - a player can use it to decorate their house, drag bodies, etc. Practically anything that is affected by the physics engine can be grabbed. One of its most useful functions is using it to carry heavy items around, such as an extra cuirass or two, although attempting to move more than one object can be time-consuming. It is also useful for stealing; grabbing the item and moving to a hidden spot then stealing it will not be noticed.

Using grab to pick up items and place them precisely can be frustrating. The grabbed object will appear to dangle from an invisible thread. This connection point seems to be based on the location of the cursor at the moment they initiate the grab. If they pick up an object and it's not facing the correct way, try "shaking" it by moving rapidly in one direction and suddenly stopping. The object will swing from its "thread" and may rotate into the desired location.

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