"Sprawling across both banks of the river stood the mighty graht-oak city, with groves and orchards of lesser trees crowding it like supplicants before their king."
Waughin Jarth[src]

Graht-oaks were enormous trees in the Imperial province of Valenwood[1], the homeland of the Bosmer[2], or Wood Elves as they were known to many Imperials. They were allowed to move by powerful magicks being cast in the Mythic Era.[2] Gnarled and twisted[1], graht-oaks had golden and green leaves[1], and were covered with sap.[1] They were approximately a mile long and a half-of-a-mile wide, allowing the Bosmer to build cities within and on them such as Falinesti.[1]

The Bosmer carved their homes into the graht-oaks and built natural homes out of the branches and leaves in the boughs.[1] Each branch or bough was a distinct district, such as Havel Slump in Falinesti, of the city.[1]

In the Fourth Era, the graht-oaks stopped walking and rooted themselves for the first time in recorded history.



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