Udico was a Dark Seducer during the Fourth Era Greymarch, where she held the rank of Grakendo, an officer grade equivalent to captain. When the Forces of Order launched their first salvo against the Shivering Isles, Udico may or may not have led the defense alongside the Hero.


If Grakendo Udico is in charge of the defense of Passwall, she will greet the Duke/Duchess and let them know what has transpired. She will offer the control of the surviving troops to the Hero. Should they refuse, she will place the troops for the upcoming attack.

After the battle is over she will send the Duke/Duchess to Xeddefen and remain behind to lead the defense.


Retaking the FringeEdit

The Hero has arrived in the Fringe to find that it has been completely conquered by the forces of Order. Passwall may have been attacked. They should take a closer look.


  • Whether or not Udico is encountered depends on which duke the Hero chose to usurp in the previous quest, Mania or Dementia.


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