Grand Sermonizer Fithia is a Redguard member of the Order of the Hour residing at the At-Himah Family Estate in Kvatch, Gold Coast.


  • Agonizing Fury
  • Agonizing Strike
  • Concussion
  • Quick Strike – Basic attack
  • Shock
  • Shock Aura
  • Shock Blast – AoE circle attack
  • Thunder Hammer – AoE cone attack


A Lesson in SilenceEdit

Astara informs the Vestige that Grand Sermonizer Fithia has been preaching against the Dark Brotherhood and must be eliminated. They must kill three of her subordinate priests to lure her out. Upon arriving in the Interrogation Chamber, the Vestige discovers Cimbar's dead body and learns that Fithia tortured him, albeit did not learn the location of the Dark Brotherhood Lair.


The Black Dragon: "Grand Sermonizer, have you the discovered the location of the Sanctuary yet?"
Grand Sermonizer Fithia: "Unfortunately, this assassin expired before revealing anything useful."
The Black Dragon: "I'll capture another. Try not to kill this one before we learn the location of the Dark Brotherhood's lair."
Grand Sermonizer Fithia: "Lord Akatosh, hear our prayer! Let me just prepare the body … like so."


  • "Two assassins? I didn't know they came in pairs."
  • "With the proper motivation, you will reveal the location of the Dark Brotherhood's sanctuary."
  • "The Black Dragon admires your kind, but I don't see what the attraction is."
  • "This is … unexpected. But I refuse to die here!" – After being defeated in the interrogation room
  • "Defend me, knights of the Order of the Hour! Show this assassin the true power of Akatosh!"
  • "Trust in Akatosh! Let the Dragon God guide your strikes!"
  • "Murder me if you must. It won't save your Dark Brotherhood."
  • "It seems I'll need to use something harsher than words to deal with you." – Engaging in the final fight
  • "The Black Dragon will make you pay for striking a servant of Akatosh!"
  • "Lord Akatosh, my spirit is yours!"


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