Grand Warlord Sorcalin is a female Altmer and commander of the Aldmeri Dominion's forces in Cyrodiil during the Three Banners War. She has two subordinates, Bosmer General Thoron and Khajiit General Atahba.


She provides quests to either recapture the Dominion Scrolls Altadoon or Mnem, or to capture the enemy Scrolls of Elder Scroll of ChimElder Scroll of Ghartok, Ni-Mohk and Alma Ruma.

If all six Scrolls are in Dominion hands, she will simply comment on this fact when spoken to.


Welcome to Cyrodiil

"I have a war to direct, soldier. Speak with the others if you need orders."

I've been sent to tell you I don't need training. "If you're certain, I'll mark you down as having completed training. Are you certain?"
Yes. "Excellent. My latest orders are posted to the mission boards by Generals Thoron and Atahba. Look at the notices, find a mission that fits your abilities, and do it. I suggest you start with a Scouting mission. Welcome to the war!"



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