"Granny is getting right forgetful in her old age"
―Gee-Pop Varis[src]

Granny Varis is a Dunmer caretaker who can be found in the reception area of the Mournhold Temple. She is married to Gee-Pop Varis and Trels Varis is one of her sons.


Granny Varis is an elderly woman who looks after the Mournhold Temple as caretaker, cleaning, organizing supplies and preventing people walking off with the Temple's possessions. If passing by she might warn the Nerevarine not to dirty the Temple she just cleaned.

Granny Varis is married to Gee-Pop Varis and is the mother of several sons, one of them being the journalist Trels Varis. When asked about her son, she claims that she has no idea where he is, as she has not seen him for a while. This contradicts her husband's claims that he left the city,[1] which conforms with the general talk from Mournhold's citizen.[2] If filled in about her husband's version of Trels Varis' whereabouts, she denies that her son left the city and assures the Nerevarine that Gee-Pop Varis in his old age has grown very forgetful and foolish, which is exactly what he would tell them about her.

Trels Varis, however, has not left the city but can be found in the Secret Office producing The Common Tongue. But it is very likely that he has not told his parents his whereabouts, as this print product puts him in danger of persecution by King Helseth, against whom the accusations in The Common Tongue are directed. It might also be that his mother knows where he is and what he does, but tries to protect her son.


Muckraking JournalistEdit

Granny Varis' son Trels Varis is the journalist the Nerevarine is looking for during this quest. Although, as above stated, she does not offer useful information about his whereabouts, threatening her and her husband convinces Trels Varis to give in to the Nerevarine's demands.

Related journal entriesEdit

Muckraking Journalist

ID Journal Entry
10 Granny Varis says she has a son named Trels Varis, but she hasn't seen him recently and has no idea where he is right now.
20 Gee-Pop Varis says his son, Trels Varis, is a scholar in a private Temple school in Kragenmoor, but Granny Varis says she has no idea where Trels Varis is right now. It doesn't make sense that the father knows but the mother doesn't. I mentioned this peculiarity to Granny Varis, and she said Gee-Pop would forget his head if it weren't jammed tight on his neck. But I suspect they are not telling me the truth.



my trade "I keep things clean and running smoothly. I keep an eye on things. I make sure we have enough of what is needed, and make sure no one walks off with things."

Trels Varis (during the quest "Muckraking Journalist") "Well. Yes. That's the name of one of my sons. Trels Varis. But I have no idea where he is right now. Haven't seen him recently."

Trels Varis (during the quest "Muckraking Journalist," after talking to Gee-Pop Varis) "My husband says he's in Kragenmoor? Old fool. What does he know. He'd forget his head if it weren't jammed tight on his neck."


  • "I clean this temple, sera. Mind you keep it that way."



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