"I was once the man known as Grantham Blakeley. Look for me in the mouth of the panther. Please... release me."
―Grantham Blakeley[src]

Grantham Blakeley

Grantham Blakeley, better known as The Forlorn Watchman, is the ghost of a dead sailor who wanders the shores of Niben Bay.


He has a set routine that starts at 8 pm at Brawnwatch Camp and ends with him near Fort Irony, looking out over the bay. The Hero can only speak directly to him while he is looking out over the bay, towards the Mouth of the Panther.


The Forlorn WatchmanEdit

Asking about rumors in Bravil will reveal for the Hero that there is something ghostly happening outside town and people will point to Gilgondorin at the Silverhome on the Water.

Talking to Gilgondorin will reveal that the Forlorn Watchman is a ghost that appears every night at 8 pm in Bawnwatch Camp, southeast of Bravil. Upon being encountered, he will lead the Hero to a location close to Fort Irony. There, he leaves a cryptic message and turns to face Emma May's resting place.

His shackled skeleton is at the bottom of the ship, indicated he either drowned or died from starvation. Freeing his remains causes Blakeley to appear to the Hero, thanking him and says a map to his buried treasure is the reward. He then walks for a short distance before disappearing to the afterlife.




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  • He may not respond to attempts to talk to him, even though he is facing out over the water at Fort Irony.


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