"We have no dealings with the likes of you. Begone."

Graring is a Nord barbarian who resides at his house on the Felsaad Coast of Solstheim.


This character uses or carries the following:


Discovery in the MineEdit

If Falco has been sided with, he will ask you help Graring in order to have him teach the colony about Stalhrim and ice armor forging.

If Carnius has been sided with, he will ask you to kill Graring and retrieve his Ancient Nordic Pick Axe to mine the Stalhrim.


Discovery in the MineEdit

"You... you are not here to hurt us? Then perhaps you are different from the rest. You seek knowledge of the Stalhrim, yes?"

Stalhrim "You are not the first to seek it. Outsiders like this woman have been here before; always demanding, always offering payment that is useless to us. But they get nothing. The Skaal give them nothing because they call it sacred; we give them nothing because we know they would misuse it."
Skaal "They live in a village on the northern coast of Solstheim. They hold the island's bears and wolves in high regard."
sacred "The Skaal consider the Stalhrim to be holy. During the great war with the Dark Elves, many heroes fell in battle. Some could not be returned to Skyrim, and were buried here. Great magicks were worked on their tombs to protect their belongings from grave robbers, and their corpses from worse things. Energy was drawn from the land itself, and our heroes were encased in tombs of ice. That ice is Stalhrim."
misuse it "We learned that Stalhrim can be forged much like iron or steel. We were made outcasts for it; the Skaal are too narrow-minded to understand its practical value. Some, like this woman, hear of it and come seeking it, but will not get it from us. You, however, have earned my respect. We will now see if you can truly be trusted - take this pick axe, and use it to chip off a piece of Stalhrim. Bring that piece to me."
Stalhrim "Bring me some of it, so that I may know you can be trusted. Then, we shall speak more of it."

After obtaining a piece of Stalhrim:

"What is it, friend?"

Stalhrim "You have some of it? I shall not take it from you; that you were willing to bring it is proof enough. Now that I now [sic] [Do not change this to
. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.]
you can be trusted, you may come to us at any time, and we will construct for you armor and weapons. Speak to Aenar and Hidar; they will do these things for you with my blessing."
misuse it "I do not believe you will put these things to a bad use, Nerevarine (Player name). You are not like the others."


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