The Great Bazaar is a location found in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal. Behind the large walls that surround the area, it contains the commercial district of the temple city of Mournhold. There are traders and stalls where residents buy and sell goods. The district also hosts an open-air theater where plays are held.



Operated by Catia Sosia. A large selection of armor and repair services are available.


Operated by Sanaso Sarothran. The self-described scholar Bedal Alen can be found here.


Operated by Belwen. He trades in fine clothing.

Magic ShopEdit

Operated by Jeanne Andre and Ungeleb. A variety of goods and services are available, including: spells, spellmaking, potions, alchemy apparatuses, and ingredients.


Operated by Sunel Hlas. He offers a wide variety of goods for sale, including a full set of Bonemold Armor.


Operated by Ten-Tongues Weerhat. He trades in all types of goods, and can offer an excellent discount on rare scrolls.

Old Mournhold: Bazaar SewersEdit

It is found in Old Mournhold beneath Mournhold's Great Bazaar district. Accessible through a trapdoor on the floor, found in the south-eastern corner of the Great Bazaar.It leads to Old Mournhold: Manor District and Old Mournhold: Palace Sewers.


A Star is BornEdit

Take the place of a sick performer.

Scroll SalesEdit

Find out how the pawnbroker is getting all these good deals.

The Black Dart GangEdit

Help get revenge for a Widow.

The MatchmakerEdit

Help find true love... and get rewarded for it.

The SummonerEdit

Look for rumors about a wizard named Velas who is said to have come into the area.


Drathas Reyas

Drathas Reyas



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