The Great Chapel of Julianos is a chapel dedicated to the Nine Divine of magic, wisdom, and logic, Julianos in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Located in Skingrad, the chapel is staffed by Shameer, Marie Palielle and Tumindil.


The chapel is split into three parts, the main entrance, the chapel hall, and the undercroft.

The Great Chapel of Julianos

The main part of the chapel is the chapel. This is where the churches residents are most often found. During the day, many of Skingrads citizens are found here praying at the altar throughout the day.

Chapel Hall

The hall is the living quarters for the churches residents, Shameer, Marie Palielle and Tumindil.

Besides all the food in the first part of the hall, there is a copy of The Exodus, a restoration skill book.

The door at the far end (opposite of the entrance) leads to an office. The desk has a copy of 2920, Sun's Dawn, a Mysticism skill book.

Chapel Undercroft

The undercroft is filled with large tombs, and empty except for some Skeleton's guarding the dead.



Glarthir, a local in Skingrad, believes that he is being watched and some of the citizens in town are after him. He will meet the Hero behind the chapel to talk.


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