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Greater Powers are special spells or abilities that cost no magicka to cast but can only be cast once per day. Some races are born with an innate greater power. Other greater powers can be obtained through Doomstones or Rune Stones.

Greater PowersEdit

Name Description
Adrenaline Rush Redguard racial greater power
Ancestor Guardian Dunmer racial greater power
Beast Tongue Bosmer racial greater power
Eye of Fear Khajiit racial greater power
Fingernail Moon Bestowed by the Shadow Stone
Gatekeeper's Gift Acquired through the quest "Rebuilding the Gatekeeper"
Gates of Aetherius Given by the Aetherius Stone
Jode's Blood Given by the Jode Stone during the night
Jone's Shadow Given by the Jone Stone
Lady's Warding Conferred by the Lady Stone
Lover's Kiss Granted to those born under the The Lover birthsign
Mara's Milk One of the two greater powers given by the Ritual Stone
Moonshadow Obtained from being born under The Shadow birthsign
Nirn's Breath Never added ingame, was to be obtained by the Nirn Stone
Pilgrim's Grace Obtained through the completion of a pilgrimage to each of the Nine's wayshrines
Shield of Shezarr Given by the Shezarr Stone
Skein of Magnus Given by the Magnus Stone
Star of the West Imperial racial greater power
Summon Golden Saint Summons a Golden Saint for 60 seconds on self
The Master's Hand Given by the Tower Stone
Tower Key Obtained from being born under The Tower birthsign
Voice of the Emperor Imperial racial Greater Power
War Cry Given by The Warrior Stone
Warden Key Given by The Tower Stone
Woad Nordic racial Greater Power
Ysmir's Scales Granted by The Lord Stone

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