"It's about time! We sent a runner to Belkarth days ago! wait-you're not the reinforcements we requested, are you? Damn it."

Greban is a Redguard found at Shada's Tear.

Conversations[edit | edit source]

When first met:

What are you talking about?: "A few days ago, our research team was sent to excavate this ruined city. But things turned bad quickly. The water inside are cursed. Half the researchers are insane or dead. We sent a runner for reinforcements, but I guess he didn't make it."

Tell me more about this curse: "All I know is that anyone who drinks the water gets strong-really strong-and then attacks anything that moves. Our leader, Sali'ma, is inside, looking for a way to end the curse and save our researchers. If you want to help, talk to him."
I'll talk to Sali'ma about ending the curse. "Talk to Sali'ma. Half of our research team drank the water before we realized what was happening. Ending whatever curse is on the water might be our only chance to save them"

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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