Greenmead Cave is a cave halfway between Skingrad and the Imperial City on the Gold Road, near the Ayleid ruin, Ceyatatar. The cave contains loads of treasure e.g. enchanted items in the chests within the rooms, some of them have hard locks.


It is inhabited by creatures such as Minotaurs, Spriggans and Will-o-the-Wisps. However, in the larger back room, a Giant Mud Crab can be found guarding several other treasure chests.

This is a good cave to plunder if the Hero are in need for some enchanted items or some pricey equipment to sell for some gold.

Large bodies of water can be found in the cave with a few chests on the bottom. A Giant Mud Crab stands over a pile of skeletons some ways into the cave.


  • Greenmead
  • Greenmead Soggy Hollow
  • Greenmead Inky Grotto


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