Gregoire Lafont is a Breton innkeeper of the Rosy Lion Inn, located in Daggerfall , Glenumbra.


Swine ThiefEdit

When Swineherd Wickton discovers his pig Glutton is missing, he believes Gregoire stole it to serve it for dinner at the inn.


Swine Thief

"Welcome to the Rosy Lion, friend. Have a seat and I'll pour you a mug of something strong."

Swineherd Wickton said you might be able to help me. "Did he say I stole his damn hog again? I didn't. Not this time, not last time, not ever! Do you see a pig on a spit in here? Most likely Glutton broke out and started rooting in the alleys again."
Does Glutton get into the alleys often? "Every time the pig escapes, Wickton accuses me of thievery. Every time! What a nuisance. Look, check the alleys in the northeast section of the city. The sooner that pig's found, the sooner Wickton will shut up and leave me in peace."
I'll go take a look. "Go on. I'm sure you'll find that hog of a pig rooting around the northeast alleys."


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