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"My place is by your side, Thane."

Gregor is a Nord warrior who is appointed housecarl upon becoming Thane of the Pale.


If the Dragonborn chooses not to have him as a follower at first approach in The White Hall, Gregor will go directly to Heljarchen Hall if the Dragonborn has purchased the land and built a house. If they have not bought a piece of land and built a house, he will make The White Hall his home. He may wander the grounds of Heljarchen Hall, often going behind the large rock formation nearby.



Gregor can be asked to become a steward for a homestead in Hearthfire.


Gregor can be married via special dialogue option while Dragonborn wears Amulet of Mara.


Gregor can become part of the Blades if Dragonborn talks to Delphine while having Gregor as a follower.


Skills in which Gregor is proficient:


  • "Honored to see you again, my Thane." – When approached or passed by
  • "I am your sword and your shield." – When approached or passed by
  • "I'm with you, Thane." – When asked to follow
  • "What is it my Thane?" – When spoken to when following
  • "Let's get moving." – When leaving conversation while following
  • "Onward, then." – When leaving conversation while following
  • "Let's go." – When leaving conversation while following
  • "I'll wait for you here" – Leaving conversation when told to wait
  • "Don't be long. My place is by your side." – When told to wait
  • "I await your command, Thane." – When greeted while waiting
  • "What's mine is yours, Thane." – When asked to trade items
  • "As you command, Thane. I'll wait at the White Hall in Dawnstar until you need me again." – When told to part ways, before Heljarchen Hall is built
  • "As you command, Thane. I'll guard Heljarchen House until you return." – When told to part ways, after Heljarchen Hall is built


  • Despite being equipped with Steel Greatsword, Gregor is actually more proficient in one-handed weapons.


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  • He may show up randomly at Lakeview Manor whilst the Dragonborn is there, even in spite of being steward of another residence.
  • If he is dismissed as a follower after being given Daedric armor and weapons, he may have his default armor equipped when encountered again in Heljarchen Hall, despite it having a lower armor rating. The Daedric armor set is still in his inventory and he can be made to wear it again.
  • He may show up randomly in Riverwood.