(Notable Loot)
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*1 x [[Gold Ore]] Vein
*1 x [[Gold Ore]] Vein
*1 x [[Iron Ore]] Vein
*1 x [[Iron Ore]] Vein
*Chest with random items.

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Greywater Grotto is small cave located South, Southeast of Helgen and West of Fort Neugrad. It was once a hideout for a group of bandits, but they were killed by wild beasts which now occupy this grotto.


Possible location for Animal Extermination Quest.

Notable Loot


  • If the cave has already been cleared by the Dragonborn when an animal extermination mission is received from one of the Companions, it may be impossible to complete the quest. A dead Snowy Sabre Cat will be marked as the quest target inside the cave.


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