(Formating for numbers. Content of chest are random, thus it may be junk, or it may be useful. It's not notable if you don't even know what it is.)
(Notable Loot)
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*1 x [[Corundum Ore]] Vein
*1 x [[Corundum Ore]] Vein
*1 x [[Gold Ore]] Vein
*1 x [[Gold Ore]] Vein
*1 x Iron Ore Vein

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Greywater Grotto is small cave located South, Southeast of Helgen and West of Fort Neugrad. It was once a hideout for a group of bandits, but they were killed by wild beasts which now occupy this grotto.


Possible location for Animal Extermination Quest.

Notable Loot


  • If the cave has already been cleared by the Dragonborn when an animal extermination mission is received from one of the Companions, it may be impossible to complete the quest. A dead Snowy Sabre Cat will be marked as the quest target inside the cave.


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