Grim Focus, formerly Haste,[1] is a Nightblade active skill in the Assassination skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Build up momentum for 20 seconds. While active, hit with 4 light or heavy attacks to turn this into Assassin's Will and fire a spectral bow to deal Magic Damage. Also grants Minor Berserk, increasing your damage by 8%.


  • Unlocked at Assassination rank 42.

Assassin's WillEdit

  • Update 6: This ability allows you to fire a spectral projectile at your target, dealing magic damage.


Relentless FocusEdit

  • [?]

Merciless ResolveEdit

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  • Update 2: Incapacitate: This ability now increases heavy attack damage.[2]
  • Update 3: Incapacitate: This ability now has a visual effect when an enemy is immobilized.[3]
  • Update 6: This ability has replaced Haste in the Assassination tree. Any experience gained in Haste will now apply to Grim Focus.[4]
  • Update 6: When Grim Focus is activated, all weapon attacks will do additional damage for 20 seconds. Using light attacks or heavy attacks while the effect is active will grant a charge. When you gain eight charges, Grim Focus changes to Assassin's Will.[4]
  • Update 7: The bow on Assassin's Will is now easier to see in first-person view, and can now be activated after 4 light attacks instead of 7.[5]
  • Update 8: Using a number of abilities, including this one, will now cause your weapon to unsheathe.[6]
  • Update 9: Fixed an issue where the weapon visual effects from abilities such as Grim Focus, Siphoning Strikes, and Expert Hunter could get visually detached from the weapon.[7]



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