Grisly Gourmet is a creature card in The Elder Scrolls: Legends that is a part of the Heroes of Skyrim expansion.


Grisly Gourmet is acquired by:

  • Purchasing the Ancano's Cunning deck
  • Soul summoning for 100 soul gems.
  • Daily reward during Heart's Day on February 14 with alternative card art.


Grisly Gourmet is best used to turn creatures with low power but are otherwise a threat, such as creatures with Lethal, into a Sweet Roll. Cards such as Cloudrest Illusionist or Calm can be used to lower the power of a larger enemy creature. Another good use is to use it on a weak enemy creature in a lane with a wounded friendly creature so that it can eat the Sweet Roll and be healed.


  • "You're so sweet, I could just eat you up!" – When summoned



  • The Sweet Roll summoned by the Grisly Gourmet is a legendary card.


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